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Belkin iPhone 5S/5C/5用 Lightningチャージ&シンクドック(シルバー)


部品番号: F8J045bt

商品レファレンスID: 41072

Belkin製の小さくて控えめな充電ドックはiPhone 5S/5C/5の同期と充電が同時にできる便利なドックです

"Best Desk Charger Yet"
"Looks smart on my desk"



IPhone 6s
Love the product .


Apple iPhone 6
Best Desk Charger Yet
Great build quality. Manufactured from die cast alumininium, so there is a bit of weight to this and a feel of quality. Charger syncs with PC/MAC when the iPhone is docked, no problems there. Best bit, this dock is compatible with Apple covers still fitted to your iPhone. No taking covers off for docking, this is a big boost.should work with many aftermarket cases too, there is a fair bit of space at the rear of the dock when phone housed on lightening adapter.

John Cahill

iphone 5
Looks smart on my desk
Most charger stands look and feel cheap and flimsy. This does not. To start with you can get some pretty snazzy colours I have bright green in the office an silver at home. But mainly you don't have to take the cover off to use it - one size fits all types - which is really good. Really worth the extra money

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  • iPhone 5S / 5C / 5を同期し、充電します
  • Lightningコネクター
  • スタイリッシュなアルミ塗装仕上げ
  • ケースをつけた状態でも使用できます
  • Appleライセンス製品

  • 詳細情報

    iPhone 5S / 5C / 5を同期し、充電します


    Belkin Lightning Charge and Sync Dock for iPhone 5    Belkin Lightning Charge and Sync Dock for iPhone 5



    Belkin Lightning Charge and Sync Dock for iPhone 5    Belkin Lightning Charge and Sync Dock for iPhone 5





    Belkin Lightningチャージ&シンクドックはアップルライセンス製品です。高品質の製品はiOS 7対応です。



    • 電源: AC
    • 高さ: 67 mm
    • 幅: 100 mm
    • 重さ: 200 g
    • 長さ: 130 mm

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