Hoco Apple Watch 3 / 2 / 1 Strap - 42mm - Black / Gray


部品番号: HNIKE-BG-42

商品レファレンスID: 62298

Introducing a beautiful and ultra-slim Hoco Apple Watch strap, which is an excellent purchase for any comfort loving individual. The high quality silicone design has also been designed to ensure a great fit. The item will fit Apple Watch 42mm models.




Durable and high-quality silicone material for optimum comfort

Stylish and attractive, this Hoco 42mm Apple Watch silicone strap is an excellent purchase for any active-lifestyle or comfort-loving individual. The Hoco Apple Watch Strap will rest safely and comfortably on your wrist, oozing modern and sporty look.

Hoco Apple Watch Strainless Steel Strap - 38mm - Rose Gold    

PLEASE NOTE: This product is just the Wrist Strap - it does not include the Apple Watch.

Clever and lightweight build

Hoco Apple Watch 42mm comes features a clever perforated design which makes your watch much lighter and more comfortable, compared to traditional stainless steel straps. You can be certain that your wrist stays cooler even in the most challenging situations. Due to its silicone material build, it can also be cleaned more easily and regularly, making sure it is always in pristine condition.

Hoco Apple Watch Strainless Steel Strap - 38mm - Rose Gold

A strap that is suitable for a professional or casual occasion

Despite the sporty feel and look, this watch will most certainly blend in nicely with your business or casual outfit.

Secure attachment to the 42mm Apple Watch 3 / 2 / 1

With a capacity to securely attach itself to the 42mm Apple Watch 3 / 2 / 1, you can be sure that your watch is safe and secure at all times.

Designed specifically for Apple Watch 42mm

Designed to be fully compatible with Apple Watch 42mm, you can be rest assured that the strap will fit your device.

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