Official Nokia 8 Soft Touch Case - Copper


部品番号: CC-801 Copper

商品レファレンスID: 64896

Protect your Nokia 8 with this Official Nokia Soft Touch case. Features a great protection for the back and edges of the phone, whilst a soft exterior guarantees a comfortable and secure grip. Slightly raised bezel side protects the screen from scratches.



Official Nokia Case

This Soft Touch Case in Copper colour has been designed and manufactured by Nokia, so you can be assured of high standard materials used, which guarantee a perfect fit for your shiny new Nokia 8.

Lightweight case adds no extra bulk to your Nokia 8

This case is designed to be extremely slim and lightweight while remaining strong - you can be assured that this case will add virtually no extra bulk to your Nokia 8 smartphone, so it will still fit in your pocket with ease.

Sturdy, yet soft material offers comfortable grip

Each official Nokia 8 Soft Touch case is manufactured from a sturdy, yet naturally soft and non-slip material which not only absorbs some of the force on the impact, but also offers a comfortable and secure grip.

Slightly raised bezel protects the device's screen

Despite focusing on protecting the sides and the back of your Nokia 8, this case also features slightly raised bezel edges, which prevents the phone from touching the surface while upside down. It eliminates the friction between the screen and the surface's imperfections, meaning you can expect much more less scratches.

Access all your phone’s features and ports so you can leave the case on at all times

There is no need to remove this slim fitting case to access all of your phone's features. With all of the required cut-outs, you can control all of your device's buttons, while leaving the camera free to take stunning photos without any hesitation - the official Nokia 8 Soft Touch Case is purposely designed to allow you to use all of your phone's features even with the case on.

Designed specifically for the Nokia 8

This case has been designed specifically for Nokia 8, so you can be sure of an easy access to all ports and features, as well as a perfect fit.


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perfect fit for Nokia 8
Just what I need for my Nokia 8--provides great protection for the back as well as the front and corners with the corner bumpers, whilst still showcasing the phone's superior body workmanship.
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