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Olixar Galaxy S8 Plus Case Compatible Glass Screen Protector - Black Reviews

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus' screen in pristine condition with this black Olixar Tempered Glass screen protector, designed to cover and protect even the curved edges of the phone's screen. This design allows for the use of cases too.
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 3.8 stars from 179 customers

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Great product at a great price.
How light it is
Excellent product
Easy to fit and works great.
Good Quality
Excellent phone protection, not like some where it starts to come away.
Highly recommend this.
Very poor screen protector. Does not cover the screen and makes it irresponsive having to make constant taps. Especially if you use social media apps to record it just wont register the long press and hence a picture might turn in video and a video capture to a pic.
Very frustrating.
Saved my mobile
Dropped my mobile several times and the protector screen came off. Just placed back on, no problem. The last time I dropped totally wrecked screen protector. Not a mark on my mobile!! Immediately ordered another one. I recommend to everyone.
Good protector with a case
Difficult to get in the first place on first application how it is easy enough to remove and reapply.
Excellent product
These screen protectors have saved my phone twice! I received the second one as a warranty replacement and was delivered the next day. Great product and customer care. 5*.
Took a beating and phone looks brand new!
9H tempered glass is the way to go! I dropped my new phone shortly after I put on the glass protector and a cracked appeared. The next 2 years the protector took lots of hits. There were cracks all over but I could still use my phone. I wasn't sure if my phone was okay until finally one day, the protector was pulled off by my 3 year old. My phone looks as new as when I first bought it.
Ok but i can see the cover
Would have been nice to know that its not crystal clear, and i'm also getting little bits of fluff collecting around the sides
Cracked within a week.
Good fit and responsive keyboard. Sadly mine has developed a hairline crack and the phone has not even been dropped.
A great product - it will save you £££ on a new screen
This is the second Olixar Galaxy S8+ glass Screen Protectors I have purchased. My Galaxy took a knock and the screen protector cracked but it saved the actual screen of the phone. This would never have happened if I have one of the standard film screen protectors as I can tell you from personal experience as the screen smashed on my S8+ just a few months after getting it and it cost £290 to replace. The Olixar Screen protector may be expensive but it is worth it.
Excellent Choice!
I am extremely pleased with this purchase. It was easy to install and coverage is perfect. It has not affected the touch of my screen at all and usually forget it's there. I feel so much more confident and secure with this cover on the screen. It's 99% unnoticeable (you can feel it at the top around cut out for speaker) and I'd recommend it to anyone with a curved screen. I am using a very thin case also and cover fits precisely.
Didn't last long
The cover is only stuck down on the edges of the screen and in the space of a month dust had got under the cover. I removed the cover because I could see that the dust could scratch the screen over a period of time.
So not much use as a screen protector
It actually works
Its the only screen protector that hasn't been dislodged by the case.
It looks good in place and sensitivity is fine but the tapping has a different sound.
I had a couple of breakages that were inexplicable but there is a good warranty with it and it was replaced very quickly
I bought a screen protector that was cracked when i recd it they sent another 1 out right away!
Thanks so much!
Would not buy again
It was difficult to stick on and kept lifting in the corner when the phone was dropped from a small height it just fell off and it massively reduced my touch sensitivity! Really disappointed with this
Good screen protector
Screen protector has done its job so far. Crystal clear display and perfect touch sensitivity. The only thing I had fun with was the installation. The video that was recommended for installation stated that the product would come with a frame to guide for proper alignment and my package only had several stickers. I had to reset the protector several times to get it properly lined up on the screen of the phone. I was worried that this would affect how well the protector would stick to the screen, but so far no issues. I would recommend this product.
Hardly known it is there!
Using the application device it went on perfectly. Fitted the screen beautifully and had no detrimental effect on the sensitivity of the touch screen. Really pleased. Would highly recommend.
Easy to fit
Would of definitely been a bit better if there was more of the sticky around the edges because of the shape of the Samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ the screen protector lets in a bit of dust but they all do the best thing about this screen protector is that it really does feel like real glass
Good screen protector
Would of definitely been a bit better if there was more of the sticky around the edges because of the shape of the Samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ the screen protector lets in a bit of dust but they all do the best thing about this screen protector is that it really does feel like real glass
Brilliant screen protector
This case friendly glass screen protector is pretty awesome in my opinion. I've used a glass protector before on a previous phone and it certainly makes a difference; I'd much rather use one than not....a major bonus is that included in the package was a guide to make sure the protector is aligned perfectly, brilliant! I'd highly recommend this item
Good product
I was very pleased with this screen protector , it was very easy to apply, it does not scratch and its very clear, great quality! I trust it to protect my screen and definetly recommend it!
Just doesn't fit
This screen protector just doesn't fit properly. The edges don't make contact with the phone at all, leaving noticeable lines on the edges of the screen, not to mention the fact that it doesn't cover the sides of the screen even if the screen protector made contact. If you can get your fingernail in the crack (and you can) then it's far too big. I shudder to think how much dust and hair is going to accumulate there over the next few months, definitely not worth the money.
Not fit for purpose
Had great expectations of the product but I was really disappointed.
I purchased it with the easy fitting tray (so not to mess things up). Follow the instructions very carefuly (even watched the video a couple of times before installing the protector).The first one started to get dusty on the edges less than 2 months after purchase. Mobilefun kindly agreed to replace it but the second one is no better; I had it for 3 weeks and today was answering a call under light rain (very light rain). The phone was outside for less than a minute but water got through the screen protector and had to remove it to be able to get rid of the water.
Life saver!
I thought I'd smashed my screen and took it to a repair store for a new screen (approx cost £240.00). Only to be told that it wasn't my screen that was smashed but the protector. I was handed back my phone in perfect condition and left not paying anything.
I promptly ordered a replacement screen protector and will use this fantastic product on future devices!
Very happy with this item, sits perfectly.
I recieved a 5 star follow up on this purchase.
All correspondance through Mobilefuns support was in a ver timely manner and they supported my requests and issues perfectly....this company is gem and I am very happy having made this purchase from it. You are backed by a very professional team here who take pride in representing customers concerns and interests.....again 5 shining stars.
Great product
Great product, great quality, superb.
My deep dark insight of the products goods and serves
This amazingly beautimus ???? product that protects my soul from the ache of my undefound slippery clumsy life. I bought this product with the intentions to ease a particular pain in my life. However the untold joy I received will last me a lifetime. I quiver at the pain of not feeling the product that I got my life would be so cojuled and puzzling. How I got through with out it makes me weeze in fear. I feel as though I am a better man with the aid of such a product. Having the protection and peace of mind with safety for my precious baby. I will make it my duty to yoodle to Yonder to ensure that all hear and know that the decision to purchaase this product is essential to the Pinacle life of man.
Go for it!
If you're thinking of buying this to protect your beautiful S8+ screen then don't waste anymore time and just buy it.
I first bought a £3 eBay special which looked the same as this but it gave a rainbow effect and had that annoying clicky sound on the edges, it had to come off!
Bought this and it's been spot on for weeks now and i'm sure it will stay like this.
Great product
I m very happy of the product , this is very easy to apply and the delivery was only 2 days.
A must for screen protection.
Has already saved my phones screen from breaking. Defo worth the money. Great after care for customers. Only negative thing to say is the edges are week, easily chipped and eventually turn into a crack across the whole screen (haven't drop the phone at this point, not sure got edge got chipped).
I would not recommend this at all
I have now purchased two of these screen protectors and both have cracked and also my screen has now cracked judt being in my pocket. No drops or anything. I paid 30, 40 dollars for this each time and now I'm left with a smudgy screen full of prints, as well as cracks all over the protector that just get worse over time. I would not recommend.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jake.

Sorry to hear about the problems you have had with this screen protector.
For the screen protector to break, and your phone screen while the device is just in your pocket is very unusual , could you please contact our customer services so we can investigate this further.
great product
Love the product
Finally one that sticks
We have ordered countless screen protectors for my husbands s8 Plus... the ones we ordered looked just like this one...but would not stick to the screen, they would move around and fall off. This one we bought from Mobile Fun has stuck to the screen and so far has lasted longer than the 3 pack of the other ones we bought put together. Thank you
Not very robust........
Very disappointed with the product. Although I have not dropped my phone or had any abnormal impacts, it already has two large cracks in it.
Not a great fit
It wasn't a great fit. I bought a different brand when I bought the phone and it fitted perfectly. You could barely tell there was a screen protector on the phone. This one u can obviously see its there as it barely makes it to the edge of the face of the screen and dirt then collects at the corners because it doesn't cover the edges
Great But Could Be Better
Great Protector!!!!!! But some dirt and lent creeps under the protector
Great screen protector
this one is most def the best for the S8 edges. Sticks well, no lag and feels great typing on it. Highly recommend for all galaxy edge phones. Rocking it on my note 8 also.
Good product
Applied it for my girl friend and she really like it.
Need a bit press to the screen
After applied the glass. The touch screen it doesn’t react until u need a bit press to the screen. It really inconvinient when I text. So i just took this of after one hour applied. It the same problem with 2 glasses.
It broke within 1.5 weeks in my pocket
I thought I bought a good product, it's cracked all over . I wish I could get my money back.
fell off
threw sway after 5 days
Waste of money
Its just week i have it and drop phone from my pocket and temperd glass came off. Now it does not stick back properly.
Great product.
Easy to install and fit perfectly even with the case. I recommend this product.
Not bad
So far it seems to be doing its job. Unfortunately it collects fingerprints very easily and they can't just be wiped off by your shirt (hold on to the cloth they give you!) My main complaint is the lack of sensitivity. Even after only having the protector on for a few hours I had trouble swiping and typing without pressing a little harder than usual.
Fits the Galaxy S8 plus and had no issues the the case I have.
Installation was easy and fits like a glove. Thanks
Great fit
Had 2 previous glass protectors crack within 30 days of purchase from my cellular provider. They seemed to be just a bit too large which meant that the protector didn't sit completely on the phone surface. The Mobile Fun protector was less costly and was delivered quickly per the stated online date. It was well packaged to prevent shipping damage. It was easy to install following the included instructions and fit perfectly. There's no spongy feel when pressing on the screen and no distortion. It's hard to tell that it's not the OEM screen. I will buy this protector from Mobile Fun again, but it's already surpassed the life expectancy of the first 2 so it doesn't look like I'll need to for some time. ;-) Thanks for a great product, great fit, reasonable price and great service.
not great
I like screen covers but this curved one did,nt seem to fit nice right from the start and then it broke on the corner very easily then the touch screen was,nt working great with it so I took it back off after 2 weeks
Works Great
It's works exactly as intended. Barely notice it's on the screen.
Fits Great
Installation was easy to follow,only had to reset once and it was a great fit,after a few days it lifted off and a something got in between the glass and cover. this is the only reason I would have to give it a four
I was excited to finally find a screen protector that was case compatible for my S8+ . I impatiently waited almost 2 weeks for it to arrive. It didn't fully fit the full curve of the screen to case but I was happy to just actually have protection on my screen. Sadly 1.5 weeks after I got it the screen protector cracked from the under side without being dropped, it was fine o e minute then cracked the next. At first I thought it was a hair but nope a crack. So I am in hunt of another protector.
Great Case
My initial thought was this is a great case and it fits the leather color scheme of my vehicle,after opening and inspecting and seeing the metal piece in the middle of the case is when I discovered that could not use a fast charger because of the metal plate and I would have to pull it out of case each time so I went to the next option was to use the case and just plug in the charger from the bottom,now fast charger is obsolete,for this I would only rate it as a four
It was very good
It wa great. No issues at all
easy to apply great to use good protection
Lasted only 2 weeks
2 bought the Olixar glass protectors for myself and my wife. My wife's glass protector broke within the first after installation and mine broke the second week. I am not sure I can justify the purchase again.
Bump it, it will fall off and be 100% useless.
Works GREAT...as long as you don't drop your phone or bump it even slightly hard. It will pop right off and, because it has adhesive around the edges, it will NOT reattach afterward...just throw it in the garbage. Very unhappy with this product.
Bought this not long ago and fits really nice small lines o the sides are the only downside but for a 20 dollar tempered it is very nice held on well and was very clear just slight rainbow effect in certain light
Perfect Fit
Love this screen protector. Fits my S8+ like a second skin. Was so easy to install. And my case for on like the protector wasn't even there.

MobileFun surprised me with fast shipping. Arrived as described.

If I could ask MobileFun on a date I would...but that would be weird right?
These are hopeless, crack at the slightest bumb and pop off the screen if you jolt the device a little
Not good enough
Ok. It fits well enough and is indeed case friendly, but this is where the good news end.

1. Dust gets trapped on the edges and is very noticeable
2. Incredibly fragile, it lasted me only 2 weeks before shattering on the edges (and I work in an office)
3. Very expensive especially given the above flaws.
Fits well; Case Compatible
The screen was easy to apply and fits the s8+. Case compatible with my UAG case. Protective, does smudge but display does not appear smudged. Cleaning the screen is simple. I would recommend the product. Shipping is from across the sea via Royal Mail (UK) so it does take a week or so to get to Canada.
The feel and fit are perfect.
I have given this screen protector a well earned 5 stars. It has a smooth feeling screen that doesn't have a sticky feel that some screens have. My strongest recommendation would be to list all the cases that it fits!! Not all screen protectors are case friendly. This is my second screen protector I purchased from you for my galaxy s8 plus. The first protector was given either 1 or 2 stars because there was a wide gap between the edge of the protector and the edge of the case. FYI - the first case was from Otter Box and the second is a gear4 Piccadilly. The gear4 and your screen protector make for a perfect match.
Broke constantly
Within a few days I dropped my phone from 2 feet and the protector cracked in a few places. My new phone was protected but now looks crappy. This protector was not worth the money.
Some flaws, but good overall
I rate this product fairly highly, however I did in fact follow the instructions carefully and clean the device and still noticed a slight rainbow effect along the edges. Still no deterrent, and overall a high quality screen protector.
This is an awful product I applied the screen protector as instructed via the guide and video guide provided by mobile fun and I still had massive issues I was left with a strange rainbow mark in the middle of the screen protector. I would not recommend this product at all.

I would have liked a full refund or replacement for the product but I really don't have the time to go through the process.

Do not buy this item!
Poorer than expected.
Reviews for this led me to expect great things however I found it was extremely difficult to view my phone outside as the reflection and smear marks were awful. It was better than a previous cheaper protector I had used but it was still not good enough. I have given up on glass protectors for this phone and ordered a leather flip case.
Perfectly clear, but not perfect
The glass looks good, it's absolutely clear and the application is not that hard. The screen sensitivity is not affected, but if You won't align the glass perfectly on the first go, there is a fair chance that some dust will gather on the glue on the sides. Also the glue on the sides is always visible and might be annoying. The screen on the inside is covered with the small dots and those are visible in the direct sunlight.
Far from ideal
Easy to apply but that is as good as it gets. The main problem is that the edges don't stick down properly which leaves an unsightly line down each side and a gap to fill with dust to make it even more unsightly. While it is case compatible that brings in a further problem, namely that the edges of the screen protector are in an awkward place for using the edge of the screen and are very visible. The overall effect is to spoil the overall appearance of the infinity screen. In addition the screen protector lets in water, which can then only be removed by taking off the screen protector, further weakening the adhesive.
This screen protector has worked great, I have tried others on my S8 Plus, this is second to none. I was afraid that I would never find a glass screen protector for this phone which works well. All others either do not adhere well, or just do not work well with lack of sensitivity. There is nothing like using the phone without a protector, but if you want a compromise between the real feel and protection this is the way to go!!!!
Good at first sight but it changed into bad in 3 weeks
This is my second review about this tempered glass
Installed it about 3 weeks ago and it fitted great and looked good at first sight unfortunately it started to collect dust and dirt under the side edges which resulted in ugly dust lines under the adhesive sides also noticed the top corners starting to come loose already contacted mobile fun support on this matter but so far no solution or replacement has been offered.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Peter

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this screen protector after a few weeks of use. Each Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phone will have minor differences in the curvature of its screen due to the varying tolerances of the manufacturing process, which can cause issues for all glass screen protectors unfortunately. This can sometimes mean dust can start to attach to any visible glue on the very edge. Hope this helps.
YES YES YES to the screen protector
I wanted to find a screen protector that would fit with the UAG case for my S8+ and Olixar Case Compatible Glass Screen Protector was correct base don my search on the internet.

The only issue I had was the wait to actually get the product. I found it a bit pricey but I am a person that pay for the correct product to ensure that I do not go through the process again. I was not sure if the product came form the US or UK for the longer shipping time but if you have a Canada shipping site it could be cheaper overall.
Best Screen Protector
I have always used screen protectors on all my phones, since purchasing the S8 and S8 Plus phones it has been a struggle to find a glass protector which works well with the curved screen. I was not giving up and tried the Elixar from Mobile Fun and this one is second to none. Covers the screen as it should without compromising the ability to use a case. I since ordered one for my wife's phone and will be installing it with the confidence that I gained from placing it on my phone. Mobile fun.com does not have a direct number to call, but when emailing them they were very quick to reply. Their customer service as well is second to none. If you are in the market for any mobile phone accessories I highly recommend them to all.

Thank You Mobile Fun!!
Screen protector
I purchased a screen protector for my Samsung Galaxy S8plus accidently dropped my phone and protective screen cover cracked all over. In my opinion the protective screen cover is rubbish.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Karen

Sorry to hear you are not happy with the screen protector. If you dropped your phone, then chances are the screen protector took the impact so your phone's screen didn't, hence the cracks. Hope this helps.
The glass protection fitted well and was nice to touch
The glass protection fitted well and was nice to touch. Unfortunately it took a slight knock and the screen protector shattered, so wasted money. They are not very robust. I wouldn't recommend this product
The best screen protector
This screen protector is exactly what I needed it fits perfect I am so happy that I found out about this product I even referred couple of my friends to the website thanks again a lot
I was in two minds about ordering a glass screen protector but I'm so glad that I did and came across this one I purchased.
Very easy to apply onto the phone, and it protects my screen very well.
Would definitely recommend this screen 100%.

Thank you very much for the fast delivery :-)
Looks more promising in pictures.
This screen protector is not the best, I had really high hopes for it. Out the box it feels like a nice sturdy piece of thin glass. After install the first thing you will notice is the dots on the screen.. Not sure what they are? Random patches of rsinbowish dots all over the screen. Not too pleased with that part. The glass also had a curve to it to fit the display properly, that didn't fit well either. There are 2 lines down both edges and it looks pretty strange. I'm pretty sure the edges don't stick down all the way hence the dust that gets underneath each edge. Since the edges don't stick all the way I have noticed dust or dirt actually get under the screen protector which is a big problem. And this protector is not scratch proof, there are little scratches on it from God knows where. I haven't done anything crazy with the phone. But there is already tiny micro scratches on it. Not too pleased with the screen protector. I would look elsewhere if you are interested in a screen protector for this phone.
Really nice and strong screen protector
Good screen protector with an airgap on the edges
The Olixar compatible glass screen protector is good, cover most of the screen, very clean and neat. Sensitivity is great, no problems not even on the edges. It will work with Supcase Unicorn Beatle Pro case and with UAG Metropolis case with no lifting on the screen protector. The protector leaves an air gap at the edges, making the edges of the screen looking reddish on my phone and leaving a space for dust to collect. Besides those two things is a great screen protector. I wish Olixar would use UV glue to see if the gaps on the edges could be covered by the UV glue.
Good quality product
Product high quality case friendly screen protector. Purchased from Australian site and did not realise product twas coming from overseas therefore delivery a little longer than expected but product quality makes up for it.
Save your money
Save your money, fell off after 2-3 weeks, adhesive is only at "infinity" edges" nice idea, poor execution :-(
Love it
Finally I found a great glass screen protector that could fit my phone with the otter box defender series...crystal clear and tough. It took me three tries but this one is the best.
Very nice
Very nice ..Works well with case
I bought cover compatible glass protector and its fits perfectly with my spigen cover.
Excellent coverage at a good price
I tried several other glass screen protector for my new Samsung Galaxy S8+ and none of them were satisfactory. They would not adhere well and once I put the case on, they would come off fairly quickly. I saw some reviews on YouTube and several recommended the Olixar one. I was a little disappointed that I could not find it anywhere in the US but I ordered it anyway.

The different is like night and day. The adhesion of the protector is excellent. I have had it on for a number of weeks now and not one corner or edge is the slightest bit loose. And the touch sensitivity is not reduced by any more than any other glass screen protector on a phone. I am very satisfied with the product and the company.
Great screen
This was the second screen protector I got for my Samsung Galaxy S8+, this one is great. It was very easy to install, and it looks great on the phone. I also have my phone in a Pelican case and the protector fits great.
Didn't protect...
I purchased the clear version of this product. Had it on my phone for a few weeks and was very pleased with how easy it was to install, I felt like my phone was protected, looked great on my phone. Well, my phone tumbled from my hands about 1 foot this afternoon by accident.

The Olixar tempered glass screen protector shattered in several places. If that were all, I would have said, "Yay, it did it's job and protected my phone." But no, beneath the shattered Olixar "protector," the screen of my phone was also cracked.

Think twice before you buy this product. All it will do is prevent your phone from getting dust on it. It won't prevent your phone from getting damaged.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mark

Sorry to hear you were not happy with this product. Even with a screen protector on, if you are unlucky enough for your phone to land at a particular weak point, the impact can still shatter the phone's display although the crack may be reduced.
Not so good screen protector
I searched for good screen protector for my Galaxy s8 plus, when I saw good reviews about this one I bought it. In my opinion the screen protector is not so good, first of all, although I'm experienced with putting this kind of screen protector correctly, and I followed the instruction, the screen protector doesn't holding up to the screen, second of all the screen cracked on the edge by itself and there is a huge rainbow effect on the display. Another issue is the edges of the screen protector, they too sharp and not covering the edge properly, this issue causing the dust to get beneath it and it is not comfortable to use with silk case.
Great protector
I would highly recommend this product
Before I this screen protector i already bought some other glass screen protector which doesnt match up with Olixar, specially that my galaxy s8 plus got curved display. I am very much satisfied on how it perform with the touch sensitivity all area of the screen is usable. I would highly recommend this product.
Save your Money
After 2-3 weeks screen protector fell off, adhesive is only at "infinity edge". While I had it on, noticed it was a fingerprint magnet. I really wanted it to work, now I am out product and shipping monies.
It's a piece of crap and don't recommend it. The adhesive is only on the edges of the screen and is not secure enough for protection. It was super reflective and cheap looking. Would not recommend. Looks cheap
The glass is so delicate that it cracked on the second day itself, that too from a minor impact. There are no issues regarding visibility and touch sensitivity. Overall its a good product but we have to give it extra care. Only the edges have adhesive and on prolonged use it will attract lint and dust particles which will make the sides dirty. As the adhesive is only on the edges, there is a small gap between the protector and the screen which i think will affect the strength of the glass protector. If the glass was fully flush with the screen it would be having more strength. If u are willing to give extra care and any other things wont bother you...then go for it and if u r a care less person dont buy it then go for some thing like spigen neoflex protecting film. Hope this will help!!
The glass is so delicate that it cracked on the second day itself, that too from a minor impact. There are no issues regarding visibility and touch sensitivity. Overall its a good product but we have to give it extra care. Only the edges have adhesive and on prolonged use it will attract lint and dust particles which will make the sides dirty. As the adhesive is only on the edges, there is a small gap between the protector and the screen which i think will affect the strength of the glass protector. If the glass was fully flush with the screen it would be having more strength. If u are willing to give extra care and any other things wont bother you...then go for it and if u r a care less person dont buy it then go for some thing like spigen neoflex protecting film. Hope this will help!!
I was looking for a good screen protector for my new divice and I found this on YouTube. It seems nice so I gave it a try, and I love it. The screen protector cover the whole screen and it work excellent. The best screen protector ever. If you are looking for one for your s8 or s8 plus you won't be disappointed. It's easy to install too. The whole package.
Buyer Beware
Disappointed, screen protector started lifting (adhesive only at infinity edge) after 2-3 weeks, nice idea poor execution. Buyer Beware
MobileFun Reply
Hi Steve

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this screen protector. If you had a case on that covers the corners of the phone quite aggressively, this could lift the screen protector.
it does what it says
ive tried alot of other glass protectors but they never stay on. the adhesive usually dont last long. when you put on a case it pops of the screen protector. not this one though. this is the real deal. . very durable and sticks very well
Screen protector
Great screen protector strong and reliable no complaints
Terrible screen protector
This is pretty bad. There are 2 very visible lines at the sides, where the glue is. And if you get any dirt under the sides, it will stick to the glue and be very ugly. Also, you can see the tiny dots on the screen protector and it's prone to the rainbow effect. I would not buy this.
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