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Olixar Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

This ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector for the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium by Olixar offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity all in one package.
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 4.5 stars from 39 customers

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Happy customer
Very happy with my purchase of a tempered glass screen for my Sony phone. Very easy to apply. Delivered on time as stated.
Absolutely brilliant!
I decided to fit this product after smashing my old phone. Really impressed. Very easy to fit and the air bubbles remove themselves as long as you follow the instructions. Most of the other screen protectors I've tried are impossible to fit easily without air bubbles. Not this one!
Slightly Small
Having purchased it recently, I can't comment on its durability. The screen looks good, touch behaves well. My only criticism is it could be ~2mm longer and wider it does not fully cover the phones screen, and even with a case a small unsightly gap is left around the edges.
All good so far! Fingers crossed...
Hopefully this protector is longer-lasting than the case from the same makers...
Really good product. Super easy to install. They give you cleaning products to wipe your phone clean and place the protector on. All you have to do is press down with one finger and the screen protector will stick itself to your phone with no bubbles.
Quality Product
Great service, great product, highly recommend MobileZap
Value for money
Stylish cover for low price. Looks pretty neat, keeps the phone very slim. My only worry is how long it will last. The right hand side is a bit flimsy courtesy of the necessary cut outs. Only time will tell. Recommended for the price though.
Easy to apply, easy to keep clean, no negative impact on touch sensitivity.
This protector is excellent!
Easy to put on!!!!
And the screen is still perfectly responsive to touch.
Perfect tempered glass
fits perfect with minimum gap from the edges
Great product
Great product, happy to recommend
Product broken on delivery
The product would have been excellent were it not cracked in half in the box when I opened it.
works great, easy to apply
This screen cover is very easy to apply and can be readjusted several times without problems so long as you keep the surfaces clean.

The screen's oleophobic coating is great for keeping it clean but becomes a liability when you use the phone for games, especially those that require extended contact with the surface - your finger becomes progressively 'stickier', making it harder to steer you space craft, for example. Small price to pay from having to wipe it down constantly.
Nice and usefull, easy to apply to your phone. The product arrived in a nice box, with a few usefull accessories. Thank you!
Its the best tempered glass i ever buy
Superb finishing
I liked this product very much. It's quality is having high standards.
Superb finishing
I liked this product very much. It's quality is having high standards.
Quality item
Shipping was very fast (within 5 days). Screen protector was perfectly sized, with all cutouts positioned exactly where they should be. No noticeable degradation in screen visual quality or tactile response.
Not bad
I've seen better quality and cheaper price than this product.
This has been the best screen protector I have ever purchased. I really appreciate the fact that it is so easy to apply the screen protector to the phone. Definitely recommend it!
Great Screen Protector
This is by far the best screen protector I have used. I have normally used the film protections but the glass screen gives a much better feel when using the apps and phone. It is also thinner than most other makes so you hardly notice it is on the front of your phone. It also was easier to fit than the film protectors which always had one or two air bubbles around the edges or camera holes. This has gone on perfectly absolutely no bubbles.
Great item
Great item nice and thick fits easy would buy again
Nice product and great price
I purchased the tempered glass screen protector for the Z5 Premium as I knew the additional screen size would make it more likely to catch, scratch or damage the screen. In the past, the fitting of a screen protector for.me has been like the lottery at Bath time, no idea how.many bubbles you are going to get. However, this was about as easy as it can get, eyesight permitting, and went on perfectly. Nice product and great price.
5/5 Perfect Screen Protector
The screen protector is perfect. The glass has been perfectly shaped and camera holes have been cut precisely. The oleophobic coating helps with fingerprints. The glass is 100% clear, smooth and doesn't obstruct the daily use of the device. 5/5.

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