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Olixar Ultra-Thin Nokia 8 Case - 100% Clear Reviews

Custom moulded for the Nokia 8, this 100% clear Ultra-Thin case by Olixar provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.
  • Mobile Fun ID 64937
 4.5 stars from 18 customers

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Great product for Nokia 8
It's well designed, perfectly fits, very light, great product.
Decent slimline cover
This is quite a thin, soft tpu cover. Good if you still trying to keep the aesthetic of the phone in tact (somewhat), not too convinced re protective qualities though should protect from scratches, don’t think it will help much from a drop. The housing fits the phone snugly and buttons work well via the thinner wall. Cut-outs are spot on for this phone, so at least they got that right. Bit pricey though.
Simple but effective case, does what it says on the tin
Just what I was after, a well-fitting case which slips on the back of the phone. All apertures are accurately located, and the case does what I need - provide some impact protection to the phone and a much grippier handhold than the very slippery phone itself, while adding negligible extra thickness and bulk.
Good case Great price
Phone fits nice and snuggled. Holes for mic and camera. Think the buttons for volume are harder and less accurate to press. Gives good "chassis protection". It's quite grippy, way more easier to hold phone with case on. It's clear so you can show off your phone.
Olixar Ultra-Thin case is one of the best case I ever found it.
This case is very impressive there nothing I can think of to suggest. It holds phone securely and phone sits inside the case safely. As I bout blue colour phone which is very slippery so this clear case is perfect. I also bought screen protector which is very thin and easily can be placed on phone screen little chance of getting bubbles. These items I found very good and I very satisfied.
Excellent cover which shows off the superb copper colour of the phone
Fantastic purchase and fantastic price this cover is excellent and show's off the superb copper colour of the Nokia 8.
impressed with the fit of the item
Nice and slim with perfect grip
Very nice fitting slim case with plenty of grip. Perfect for adding much needed grip while maintaining the Nokia 8's aesthetics.
This case is OK. It is fine overall but the sides need to come up a tiny bit further round onto the screen. I think with time the fact that the case meets the sides of the screen protector will cause bubbling on the protector. Also the lock button on the side of the phone is not as easy to use with the case on. There is room for improvement with this product.
Looks good, fits perfectly
Looks good, fits perfectly
Thin cover, great fit, low cost and fast delivery
I have bought several covers and other accessories from Mobile Fun. Always fast delivery and great products at low cost.This one for Nokia 8 was really thin and a great feeling using it.
Slim cover, protecting the edges of the Nokia
Mobilefun was amongst the first companies offering cover cases for new Nokia 8. Great cover, slim, flexible and it protects the edges of the smartphones.
Slim cover, protecting the edges of the Nokia
Mobilefun was one of the first offering covers for the new Nokia 8. The specific cover is slim, flexible and covers the edges of the smartphone very well.

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