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Olixar Universal Smartphone Photography Kit Reviews

Enhance your smartphone photography with the Universal Smartphone Photography Kit from Olixar. Combining a 3-in-1 Lens Kit, Pocket Selfie Stick, Tripod and Mount - all in one easy lightweight carry case. It's all you need!
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 4.1 stars from 49 customers

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Sack the designers and QC inspectors!
The clip for the lenses is less than secure and the lenses don't make an awful lot of difference.
The selfie stick is frail in design, doesn't work correctly with Android without altering the software, the cable is weak and the mirror is the wrong way around.
The tripod can only hold the phone in landscape mode - a simple remedy to this would be to have two screw threads on the bracket, one where the current one already is and one on the side, so that it can be rotated 90 degrees, the bracket itself is flimsy too.

I bought a pack of Olixar products and had some kind of problem with almost every item, I should have known better than to buy Olixar again. I know better now.

Badly designed, poorly manufactured and made from flimsy materials. Do yourself a favour and find a better quality product.
Fun & value for money.
The set is neat but heavy if you want to carry it around. It can be split up though and has a carry case for the lenses. I bought some as presents and the first question every time was " where are the instructions?" (There are none) Then they messed around with it and started to have fun. If you enjoy taking photos and / or selfies with your smartphone, this adds a whole new dimension. Great fun.
Excellent well priced accessory
Well described and exactly what I ordered. Just a minor issue with an apparently missing Macro lens - which turned out to be grouped with the Wide lens, and I missed that fact. I suggest it might be good to describe that arrrangement more clearly. However, it has not detracted in any way from my enjoyment of this kit.
Excellent value for money
The tripod and selfie stick are very sturdy and do the job I wanted them for. Haven't used the lenses much yet but overall as a package I cannot complain. The price is excellent. Delivery took a long time but I was told that before hand. Thanks.
Great price but bad product!
Last Saturday I had a trip where I used my selfie-stick to take pictures: easy to push button with one hand..... When I finished the trip, I was shocked that most of pictures I took were NOT in my camera.... I thought something wrong with my half-year-new Note8 , but actually the brand-new selfie-stick was NOT working! It is just the SECOND time I used it! So far, this package is totally useless to me since both the lens in the package have little influence on images! Please AVOID this product although its price is very attractive!
Useful kit
The main reason that I purchased this kit was the lenses.
The wide angle lens increases the range of the view, which is useful for not just confined spaces, but also outdoor photos.
The macro lens is very good for close-up photos, especially when combined with the camera zoom.
The fish-eye lens is more of a novelty item, but will take some interesting pictures.
The tripod is excellent for keeping the phone still while recording videos, and is also good for when watching movies.
I don't suppose that I'll use the selfie stick much, but I did try it out, and the button seems to want to activate the zoom function rather than operate the shutter. I can get round this by using the timer, but I imagine the camera settings might be customisable.
The case is reasonably sturdy, and keeps everything in one place for when you are out and about.
Selfie stick feels weak
If the remote on selle stick would work on all mobiles, does not operate my blackberry
A curates egg
This kit is only good in parts. A couple of the lens components wouldn't fit together as the screw thread wasn't well made. The tripod universal joint doesn't clamp as firmly as I'd like. The phone clamp on both tripod and selfie stick works very well. That's the main thing I need from this kit, so on the whole I'm pleased given the low sale price I paid.
Bit cheap and flimsy
The lenses don't fit my Note 8. The tripod isn't as large as expected (yes I know the size is in the listing) and the clamp only just fits round the phone. I won't use the selfie stick as I'm not a teenager, I bought it for the lenses and tripod so a bit disappointed really.
Pretty good but could be better
Reasonably good quality collection of smartphone photographic accessories. Tripod and selfie stick are pretty good. The lenses could, however be better. They don't provide a very clear image. So perhaps a higher priced set of accessories would suit you better.
Good with one exception.
Overall quite good, the one exception being the two

part lens, very difficult to separate and very fiddle to

Great gift
Bought as a gift so haven't used but looks really good and love the compact little pouch it comes in.
Not really as good as I hoped.
I hate to give a negative review - I'm sure that this might be of some use to someone but as a serious add-on to my phone it was not really what I wanted. I thought that most of the items were fairly flimsy and I could not get all of them to work with an iPhone 7+. Sorry.

A good quality item at a great price!
I bought this item for my wife, because she was struggling with taking selfies and now finds they are much better and not distorted! She is absolutely delighted with all the items in the kit and how easily the roll fits into either her bag, or pocket.
Extremely useful gadget
Nowadaya with everyone using smartphones, the Olixar universal smartphone photography kit is extremely practical to take photos.
Very useful.
Useful kit.
Very impressive
Amazing how this package has transformed my camera/phone experience. I have always denegrated selfie sticks but now I realise what a bonus they are. With the tripod and 2 lenses as well extremely good value.
well made nice storage case.
well made good quality excellent storage case good value for money a useful bit of kit.
Don't be without one
A great little kit, so useful, and compact.
Thank you.
Good product quality
Selfie stick does not work with Sony Experia xz premium.
I use it with smile ? shutter
very good products and service
I have bought a couple of products for my samsung A5,both have been of high quality,the protective cover and lens and selfie stick I would buy more products from Mobile Zap and recommend them ,great service
Wonderful Gift
I absolutely love the Olixar Universal Smartphone Photography Kit. I bought it as a birthday gift for my husband and he is crazy about it. As we travel so much and need to keep luggage minimal it is perfect as everything comes in a lovely bag.This is the second time I have purchased from mobilefun and I will continue to use them. Their products are fantastic, prices are competitive and deliveries are on time.
Good but expected better
Other then the lenses the other two items are worth buying - although in my case I have to take off the mobiles' cover in order to use the selfie stick - otherwise very practical.
The lenses, honestly expected better as the borders of the wide angle lens appear in the photo taken. Having a slightly larger circumference would have avoided this but again, maybe it's my mobile phone model.
Though I am a novice at the photography game this product works amazing
I don't know if the lens' work the way they do but this is the most fun I have had with my camera. The different fish eye is now my personal favourite and the selfie stick and the stack are top notch
Lenses are to small
Lenses are to small for the phone can see black circle around outside of picture which stops phone from being able to focus properly.
quality product
Great service ,delivery was timely and the product is great
for use with my android phone.
All items in the set are good quality and wrapped in a good soft case.
Got what it says on the ad ... very practical and worth it. The only difficulty is that I am a bit worried that the clips might damage the screen due to the fact that I use a Huawei and the camera is not at the back of the frame as is the case for other models. Perhaps you might design a strip rather than a clip This would be universal for all models. THanks!
simply the perfect kit to be a photography geek
Fantastic Gift
I bought this for my niece as a Christmas gift & she absolutely loves it, she takes great photos with it, Well made product at a great price, would highly recommend for any budding photographer
Ordered the smartphone camera kit and was delighted,all good quality and well presented in a packing roll.
Brilliant,second order and delivered quickly from UK.
Wife is happy
This was a stocking filler for my wife for Christmas. She seems to like it and the kit will get plenty of use.
Good value
Bought this kit for my granddaughter. It took a some time to work out how to use it but once we had, she loved it.
Good job
I bought 2 of these for 2 very different men and 2 different phones and both men loved them
All I wanted to know is how it's can change camera and selfies.
I gave one to my sister for her birthday present and it's was her best birthday present which makes me happy
excellent product works great selfie stick are the best invention takes great photos
excellent product works great selfie stick are the best invention takes great photos
Great !
Nice little kit, arrived promptly, nicely packaged in handy case. Good quality. Very happy with purchase
Useful, and very good value.
The kit contains thre main items - a tripod and phone holder, a selfie stick, and some clip-on lenses. I have not really tried the lenses yet, but it is useful to be able to change the pickup area. I'm wondering if they may give a visible 'porthole effect', not sure yet. The selfie stick is very good, with a remote shutter switch in its handle, and a mirror for using the better back camera. Tripod would only really work on a table or similar, but useful.
Sellie stick broke straight away
After weeks of looking forward to this item arriving, the selfie stick broke after taking a few photos. I was unable to use it as there were exposed wires that had been disconnected, I had no idea how to fix this!
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you had problems with the selfie stick. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can sort out a replacement.
Dispense with stand alone camera
How good it was, does it do what it says on the tin.
It's fantastic kit for holidays , a very good price , worth it any penny
Being a novis in photography I cannot give a more technical review. However, I find this kit to provide all the equipment to improve photography on my iPhone.
great value
The olixar photography kit is a really great product that has improved my smartphone photography no end. The 3 in 1 lens kit is probably my favourite out of all the items that come in this pack as they really add a professional feel to any photos or videos that I take. It did take me a while to realise that the macro and the wide come together and need to be unscrewed, but once I had worked this out I was able to get some unbelievable shots. The selfie stick is really nice for family outings and the tripod seems quite useful although I haven't used it as much as the other items. Overall a fantastic pack at a very reasonable price, I would definitely recommend this pack to anyone who likes taking photos and videos on their smartphone!
lovely kit
the lens clips are excellent, as is the selfie pole, the tripod is decent but could be a tad better for £29.99. still very happy overall
Does the job...
Don't expect anything long lasting for this price apart from the lens. There's a 2 in 1 lens which is hard to know from the instructions.These do the job well and the rest of the kit is handy.

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